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Created 22-Sep-15
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Naturetrek trip: Whale watching and birding in Monterey 26 August to 6 September 2015
Sea OtterRed-winged BlackbirdPacific Tree FrogAnise SwallowtailFiery Skipper ButtlerflyGrey PloverCaspian Tern?CaspianTernBlue HeronCalifornia Scrub JayLeast SandpiperWestern GrebeMarbled GodwitWhite-crowned SparrowWhite-crowned SparrowBlack-crowned Night HeronBrewer's BlackbirdBlack PhoebeSemipalmated PloverGreat Egret

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Guestbook for Monterey 2015
Bill Chalmers(non-registered)
Great photos.Some wonderful shots. Better than golf then?
Peter Dunn(non-registered)
Nice set of photos. Something to be proud of. Well done to both you and Ann.
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